Sunday, March 23, 2008

Abu Bakar Bashir

The Herald Sun reported that "Abu Bakar Bashir urges attacks on 'infidel' Australians." The Australian reported that "Bashir urged his followers to "beat up" western tourists, whom he called "worms, snakes and maggots." There was little context to any of these claims, nor any translations of the speech itself, said to have been filmed by an Australian researcher.

My reading of the reports is that Bakar Bashir was referring to the gathering at which he was speaking and to foreigners who may be hiding there when he said "God willing, there are none here. If there were infidels here, just beat them up. Do not tolerate them." One wonders how this could come to be reported as Bakar Bashir urging attacks on 'infidel' Australian tourists.

Another report said that the Bashir called for signs to be erected across Indonesia warning tourists they were entering a Muslim area, and directing they cover up appropriately. He likened non-Muslims to crawling animals. "Worms, snakes, maggots - those are animals that crawl. Take a look at Bali ... those infidel tourists. They are naked." This is how strict, religious clerics view western morals regarding nudity and is indicative of the gap between Islam and Christianity.  Looking at the state of the west, and disregarding geopolitics for the moment, considering only advertising, consumption/resource devastation, and pornography, I don't totally disagree with his view.

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